The Organ

Organ music has been an integral element of worship at Holy Trinity Church since the very beginning when in the late 1800’s Mrs. B. F. Cook was “its faithful and efficient organist for many years.”  

Played skillfully by Director of Music and Organist, Dr. Vernon Snyder, the current two manual organ matches the beautiful singing of the parish choir and fills an essential role in the musical and liturgical life of the church.  

In 1926 a new instrument was installed by the Louisville, Kentucky, organ building firm Henry Pilcher’s Sons. The organ was 11 ranks of pipes, situated on electro-pneumatic, ventil-style wind chests, with a detached console located in the choir. In 1961, the Pilcher console was replaced by one built by the Möller Organ Company of Hagerstown, Maryland. In 2002 O’Neal Pipe Organ Service made some important alterations including several new, custom built, wind chests with newly refurbished pipe work in order to support a wider range of repertoire, both for the accompaniment of choral and congregational music, and solo organ repertoire. When St. Martha’s Episcopal Church (West Covina) was disbanded in 2013, six ranks of the Wicks pipe work were preserved, and an 8’ Diapason is scheduled to be incorporated into the instrument. When completed the instrument will have 34 ranks. The remaining Wicks pipe work can be incorporated into the instrument when funds become available. 


In 2017 the church rebuilt the Möller 2 manual draw knob console and outfitted it with a new solid-state relay system, which includes a multi-level memory combination action manufactured by Syndyne Co. of Vancouver, WA.  

The new Syndyne system includes the following components:  

  • MS8400 Solid State Control System 
  • Touchscreen user interface 
  • Available USB interface 
  • MIDI In, Out, Through 
  • Piston Sequencer 
  • Integrated playback and record 
  • Transposer



32’ Resultant

16’ Contrabass

16’ Subbass

16’ Bourdonbass GT

8’ Octave

8’ Flute

4’ Choralbass

16’ Posaune

16’ Bassoon SW

8’ Tromba

4’ Oboe SW


16’ Bourdobass

8’ Principal

8’ Bourdon

8’ Gross Flute

8’ Gemshorn

4’ Octave

4’ Nachthorn

2 ⅔’ Twelfth

2’ Fifteenth

III-IV Fourniture 1 ⅓

8’ Bassoon

4’ Recorder


8’ Diapason

8’ Stopt Diapason

8’ Salicional

8’ Voix Celeste TC

8’ Erzahlen II

4’ Principal

4’ Harmonic Flute

2’ Flageolet

II Cornet

III-IV Plein Jeu 2’

16’ Bassoon

8’ Trumpet

8’ Oboe


4’ Swell to Swell


Heading 1


8’ Great to Pedal

4’ Great to Pedal  

8’ Swell to Pedal 

4’ Swell to Pedal

16’ Swell to Great

8’ Swell to Great

4’ Swell to Great

8’ Great to Swell